Solvent Recovery

It's a waste to waste your waste!

This is the motto of the De Neef group for over 30 years and in today’s environment this motto is even more valid. De Neef Chemical Processing has the widest expertise in recovering and purifying valuable solvents from waste or by product streams, whether you wish to reuse the recovered solvents yourself or have us take ownership of them.

We not only have the equipment and expertise to recover and transport waste solvents, we also have the market knowledge to sell recycled solvents and safely dispose of any remaining residue.

De Neef Chemical Processing has all the necessary environmental authorizations to transport, store and handle waste solvents. All incoming waste solvents are first screened by our R&D department before entering the site, every product will be traced during the whole process and samples of the solvents are kept for minimum 6 months.

De Neef Chemical Processing is experienced in regulatory issues as TFS (Transfrontier Shipment of Waste), ADR regulations, REACH, CLP regulation, safety data sheets, ...…

Solvent Recovery