Solvents purification
Innovation - With our R&D Center, led by the best chemists and engineers, we accelerate our clients innovation, and ensure expertise and professionalism.

DNCP R&D Center

Since 1980, innovation has been embedded in how we work and what we do. With our recognized R&D centre, led by the best chemists and engineers, we are able to produce innovative and professional solutions for our clients. Moreover, we aim to contribute to the world's most compelling challenges of our time; taking care of our climate by providing sustainable circular solutions..

We have all the necessary environmental authorizations to transport, store and handle waste solvents. All incoming waste and industrial solvents are first screened by our R&D centre before entering any site. Subsequently, every single product will be traced during the whole process and samples of the solvents are being stored for a minimum of six months.


R&D Facts

4000 Projects
Ranging from rather smaller screening projects to the biggest projects, DNCP has successfully accomplished 4000 R&D projects since 1980.

2 Patents
Thanks to our qualified and hard-working team, we have obtained two patents in our name. Both patents refer to methods for isolating carbohydrate alkyl carbamates.

3 Continents
Although most of our R&D requests are coming from Europe, thus handled in Belgium, we do have projects running in other continents. As such, we do have a range of purified solvents that are sold in numerous countries in Africa and Asia.

Technologies and processes

DNCP has established inhouse know-how and expertise in a broad range of technologies and processes:

  • Batch distillation
  • Continuous distillation
  • Pressure swing distillation
  • Extractive distillation
  • Short Path distillation