Solvents purification
About Us - Discover more about who we are, what we do, and what our mission is all about.

Who We Are

DNCP, founded by Herman De Neef, is a leader in the purification and recovery of organic solvents and speciality chemicals mainly used in chemical processing, paint and pharmaceutical industries.

We can either custom refine and return the purified product to customers' specifications or we can acquire used solvents, reprocess and sell these through our own wide range of solvent sales channels. Our licenses allow us to accept 3 MT up to 3000 MT and more of raw materials, by-products, off-spec materials and waste solvents.

DNCP offers a mix of high technology, quality, flexibility, reliability and know-how in chemical waste recovery, based on human potential of the highest level, adapted equipment, and multipurpose facilities at two sites across Belgium.


What We Do

Solvent Purification - In our opinion, purification or solvent recycling can only be considered a complete success in two cases. Firstly, when the recovered product is used for the same purpose as it was initially used for. Secondly, when the product is sold in the market as a full quality product.

Both cases imply that raw material is being saved to its full extent and a high level of sustainability is achieved. The latter implies that the carbon footprint is being reduced to its minimum, to comply with the new and most recent legislation (Reach, closed-loop, less waste, carbon footprint ... ).

In the past 40 years, DNCP has been through an evolution from a waste processing to a chemical company. As a result, our finished goods can match the quality of "virgin" products. The strong relationships we have built with our customers as a partner in solvent revalorization and solvent stripping has formed a key part in ensuring we offer the highest quality and service.

DNCP offers the following services:

  • Toll distillation: DNCP takes over the waste solvent from the customer, recycles and purifies the waste solvent according to the specifications of the customer, and afterwards re-used by the customer.
  • Customized purification installation
  • In-house laboratory with broad range of high-tech, analytically lab and distillation equipment
  • Take over used solvents: taken over waste solvents from the customer, which will be recycled or purified and sold on the market.
  • Solvent trading activities
  • Own transport with DNCP own tanker fleet

The most common processed or recovered solvents are acetone, butyl acetate, THF (tetrahydrofuran), DMF (dimethulformamide), DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide), IPA (isopropanol), MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone), Acetonitrile, MC (Dichloromethane), thinner, DMAPA (Dimethylaminopropylamine), toluene, ethanol, glycol, heptane, hexane, ...


Our Mission

Responding to the needs of our clients, ensuring reliability, quality and speed, combined with a competitive price, while using the best available techniques with care for safety and respect for the environment.

Every day, our passionate team works hard to achieve this goal and help our customers to focus on what matters most. Concerning the development of our team, traineeships are available to motivate employees on-site. Our R&D department consists of highly qualified and experienced chemists, investments in reliable installations are continuously made, and strict quality, safety and environmental procedures are in place.